Contact  Twin M company

Head Office  Famille city Musashiseki#3-409,5-19-32, Sekimachikita, Nerima,Tokyo, 177-0051, Japan

Phone  +81-3-3928-7157 (11:00-18:30 weekdays)

Fax  +81-3-3928-7157

E-mail  info@twin-m.com

CEO  Kiyoshi Mizokami

Fields of Business  Theatrical Films, Documentaries, TV films,

Established April, 2008 with a focus on feature films and planned development of a television arm. Actively seeking international co-productions and the challenge of new means of production and financing.

Twin M’s first feature was the regional Japanese feature film, “The Bride from Tokyo” which broke box office records in the area it was produced. Twin M produced “AUGUST” in a co-production with Germany in 2010. Currently the company prepares co-production with Germany for feature films “Zen in the Art of Archery” .

Twin M is also developing a Korean/Japanese co-production and several Japanese feature films.

Prior to establishing Twin M Company Kiyoshi Mizokami worked for many years for “Kindai Eiga Kyokai” the production company of veteran Japanese director Kaneto Shindo. He won a Japanese Academy award for his work on Shindo’s film, The Last Letter.

And the scenario writer belonging to the Twin M Company develop feature films and TV films with a producer.